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[Music] Konter – Capurganá Waves

Finally uploaded, after about one month on my harddrive during travelling Colombia. Another mix i did, capturing sunny beach vibes with deep & melodic sound. Inspired from and recorded in Capurganá – close to the border to Panama on the caribbean coastline. Hit the play… Lesen

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[Music] Konter – Intoxicated

Well, I’m quite busy doing new mixes currently. And for sure quite happy about that, as I finally realise so many ideas that kept being locked up in my head for so long. This one goes out to the POISON posse in manizales, who booked… Lesen

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[Music] Sencha – Luz de la selva Mix

Following my love for electronic music fusioning with traditional sounds from all over the world, I’m into the new wave of producers delivering this slow, deep and organic music with latin american roots for a while now. Even more influenced during my stay in the… Lesen

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[Bericht] Coco Loco in der Kriegszone

Wisst Ihr, was mich sprachlos macht? Die Schönheit der Welt, nicht enden wollende Eindrücke während einer Reise. All das so beflügelnd, dass man sich eine Vielzahl von Geschichten im Kopf erzählt – doch tatsächlich die richtigen Worte zu finden, und einen kleinen Teil davon schließlich… Lesen